Hi all,

- I have a perl script that I need to run for several hours, for a performance test.
- I would like to create a second script in ANSI C to call the perl script. The C script should be able to parse any of the text output from the perl script at run time, one line at a time.
- This C code will be used by the performance tool, Loadrunner. The processed output will be used as real time performance statistics of a database.
- I do not want to have to rewrite/port the entire perl script over the C.

I can think of 2 ways to do this.
1) Somehow direct the perl script output back to the calling C program where it may be parse and processed one line at a time.
2) call the perl script and direct output to a text file and continually read the last line of the file to have it in real-time/run-time.

1) popen() almost works to launch the perl script. However, the perl script has to finish executing before any of the output can be processed. I want to process the output in real-time.
2) If I were to instead try to read the output from a txt file in real-time, I'm not sure how I would do it.

I am familiar with scripting, but, I have never tried doing anything like this before and I am having a hard time finding anything like this while searching around the net.

Any ideas or direction to some examples would be greatly appreciated!



Thanks, AC! The thought of "trail" did cross my mind. I was hoping there was something a little simpler build into C, but, I guess not. I'll see if I can pull something from that source. I don't get to script/code all that often so it should be a good challenge :).

Thanks again,


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