First I am new to C#. I attempting to build a simple windows form where you can send textbox info to an access database on the machine. When viewing online tutorials and book, I notice their is a step, form missing from my Visual Studio 2010 program when I try to add an exsisting database.

Here is what I am doing...
Add New Data Source
New Connection
Choose Data Source>Microsoft Access Database File>"Continue"

This takes me straight to form "Add Connection" with Data Source Selected
and under that "Connection String". The "Advanced" button is greyed out.

In online tutorials and book, it appears I should have an "add connection" form with a browse button for selecting a "Database file name." and a "Log on to the database" group, but this is missing?

Any help would be appreciated.

I have also attempted to repair the installation in case soemthing was wrong.

On a side note, I can complete this action using VS express from another cpu.


Update: I installed Visual Studio Express c# on this machine (one with problem) and other cpu. Other cpu works fine with no issue. This machine still skips the one step?

Any help out there?

Hi. I've never had trouble with Visual Studio locally. But when I moved the files to my server hosted in Chicago I had all kinds of trouble. So I may be able to help since I ended up with 3 servers lol. I know what I'm doing now, I think, check [snipped] to see that I did get it up and running. But I ended up hand coding it and didn't use controls. I just used command object and handled the ADO objects and connection string myself.

I just loaded Visual Studio and I chose bindingsource object. Then it the properties for that object I chose data source and then in the popup menu a blue link at the bottom called Add project data source. Inside here you set up the dataset and connection like I think you did.
I assume when you chose the new connection at the top you chose the Change button, selected the Access option and browsed to you Access database and it will let you test connection.

You have downloaded the latest .net framework as I think it would come with VS 2010.
You shouldn't have to add any references as ADO , OlE, whatever these objects use nowadays should already be turned on by default.

Make sure you have downloaded all the updates and service packs if there are any for VS 2010. Then close the project and open a new one and try again. A lot of times the files get corrupted. Trust me I've lost weeks and tracked it down to a dam corrupt file Visual Studio created on its own and once I deleted it everything worked.
You can go to the folder where are the files are created and get rid of the temp junk.

You can also try switching between debug and release mode.

I just did a standard win form project now to test and it all works easy.

Data Source>Microsoft Access Database File>"Continue

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