Hi geeks!! im working on a project (in visual studio 2008) where i need to create a reminder which will prompt every month for showing the actual state of fees a number of customers have left to pay. the project uses access as database and will have a fixed amount to pay, but when the customer gives an amount less than the fixed one, the reminder will prompt every month to remind who is owing (from the database) and what amount is left to pay. thanks for your help, im working on it till i see someone answering... ;) !!

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I'm not sure and can be completely off my rocker here (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) but wouldn't the easiest solution be to have a field in your database called Balance_Owing or something like that and then have an if statement that is checking each Balance_Owing value to see if it is greater than 0? If it is you can do whatever, send a message to whomever needs to see it or whatever else the requirements might be.

Just my 2 pennies! :)

Thanks for your reply but im just not sure about dat. BalanceOwing is a good thing but here it's about big database but i just dnt wanna use SQL cause im doing it just for a project. let say, i have 100 as the price everyone should pay, then i have 4 customers paying less than that(something 30, 75, 47, 69), and now when the end of the month comes the reminder will tell me that, the first is owing 100-30, the second 100-75 and so on.. Meaning the reminder go into the access tables(im using 2 in relationship), check by line the fees not equals to 100 then do the substraction and gives a message box or something else with the name and the fees in a list view. I need the "code" to be sure that you're right or not..

i have also need help for set a fee reminder to remind me about not paid or defaulter students from database. can you help me plzzzz

Hi jay nadeem, you need to start your own discussion with your own problems and someone will help you.

@slymdjay.gunshot, I realize that you want to use .NET for this but either way you're going to have to query the database and I'm pretty sure that SQL is more efficient ie quicker to process than .NET will be. I think you could even create a view that you can call with .NET and the view can already have the parameters set to find the balances outstanding. I have an exam that I am studying for at the moment but when I am finished tomorrow I am going to make a mock db and help you as best as I can. I am also going to defer this to the real gurus of this excellent site to get their opinions.

thanx, plz help me as soon as posible.

I'm not an expert in VB.net and I am not entirely sure on the nature of this question.

If you had let's say someone paid today, then you can do a calculation to check to see if someone has paid a month after this particular day. It would require basic calculations, i'm not sure how to do it in VB though, sorry.

The other solution maybe to have the details stored on a server (using mysql) and then having a cron job that ran every month, these results could then be parsed into the VB program.

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