connecting access 2003 database from remote computer
.I have a vb2005 application which uses access2003 database.
I want to connect to this database via remote computer connected via internet.

I have 2012, don't know if it's the same as vb 2005 or not. Can you connect using local access? If yes, map a drive from your computer to the computer hosting the database then in vb set up the database just like you did for the local computer. Since MS Access doesn't run as a service you can't just tell vb the ip address and port number like you could with MySQL or MS SQL Server. MS Access is a poor substitute for a real database server.

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May I also point out that sharing the db over the internet is not a good thing?
It's not a good thing to do it with proper dbs if no other measures are taken, but to share the folder holding the file is even worse.
Either use a VPN over the internet, or just don't do it with access - or even don't do it at all.

Who said he wanted to share it over the internet? My suggestion was for a LAN. AFAIK MS Access can't be shared otherwise.

People share databases over the internet all the time. How do you think forums work?

Didn't I mention:

if no other measures are taken

Also didn't OP say:

I want to connect to this database via remote computer connected via internet.

I think you can share a folder over the internet - and I'm not talking about FTP, but it's really stupid if you do it for Access.

If OP has to ask, then it's a no go.

you are right, he did say internet. I guess I just wanted to hear LAN. I know of no way to access MS Access on the internet, that doesn't mean there isn't a way to do it. MS Access was never intended to be accessed like that.

Sounds difficult for Access, well, I found this solution online, try it and see if it works:

Just Share your folder database

and change path other user...

like this...

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Dim MDBConnString_ As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\\DatabaseFolder\DatabaseName.mdb;"

Let us know what happens.

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