Hi sir,
I am student and I like to know about the algorithm for developing a MLM software for my final submision So, kindly tell me which algorithm works for the MLM software developement...need urgently please help....

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Sir, I can't understand what do you want to say, right now I just like to know about that in which sence we are going to build that project that means which algorithm is use to build that project....


Is MLM a Multi Level Marketing? What algorithm are you looking for? Please be more specific. What your current concept or idea you have so far?

When you said algorithm, it could be any thing. You are talking about algorithm for data structure? Or you already have you data structure and want to apply an algorithm to process it in order to optimize the performance or space?


Sir, the name of my project is MLM(Multi Level Marketing) and I want to implement it so for that I want to know to which algorithm I want to follow and how it works so I can get my result.....


OK, so how do you break down your project? Do you have registration phase? Keeping track of sales? Keeping track of distributors?

On the top of my head, MLM structure is very similar to a multi-way tree -- a tree that can have branches/leaves from 0 to n. Each node represents an individual. Each node below another node represents distributors recruited by its parent node. The edge/branch of each node could be both directions, so that you could find who are distributors of the individual, and at the same time find who recruited the individual if given an individual.

When an individual recruites distributors, those distributors will be new nodes right under the individual node. There could be multiple trees in the MLM. For example, the MLM starts with 4 people. Each person will be represented as the root of a tree, so there will be 4 trees in the MLM. Anyone else recruited after will become a node which belongs to one of these 4 trees.

The algorithm to process any thing will be from multi-way tree. Your project is not difficult and not big, but it sometimes is very abstract. This could be one of the real world problem (without GUI part).

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