Please text or call me at +639178394834 for fast reply. Today at 9am I'm gonna have my defence for this system and yet I haven't finish all the functions :(

taraaaa.. that's what i need, be patient dude, don't be stressed with this :D, i will post as soon as possible. umm.. btw, it's 1.30 am here :D

same as here 1:30.. From where are you bro?

:( can't sleep because of this.. Time passing by :(

sorry to hear that dude, but it's done now (come on .. you only give me 24 hours), i use access 2007 and VS2010 (because thats all i have), i try find information to downgrade it to 2005 but seems will not working if i do that, so, you need VS2010 to open it. here is the project :

Libray System

PS : change what ever you want with that code, but if you can't or there is something error, just send me a text (my phone on that project, don't call me, just send me a text, because my english very very noob :D).

Thanx a lot for your effort.. Good thing that our defense date was moved on monday so I have enough time to take a look at it and redesign if necessary.. again thank you :) I'll get back to you via text message if I encounter any problem that I can't handle.. Thanks again.

I had ckecked the system and these are the things I noticed.

  1. The Fees/Fine/total Section is Missing.
  2. Returning the books requires all books to be returned but what if a member want to return 1 out of 3 books only? And after returning the books the form4 window doesn't automaticaly refresh.
  3. In member's search engine when you type 1 as ID number it displays nothing but if you type 11 it displays the right record with number 1 in ID.

That's all as of now. I'll try to fix thes issues but I need to download 1st vs 2010. Again thank you.

that application not 100% fix, i'm still working out it, it's because you in rush yesterday, so i have fast as i can, i will post the fix one later, i think i have a plan too with this app. :D

there is no id checker, member age, sex and phone and much more, i will fix it, because i need it too :D

After reading again the case study I forgot to mention that the record section must contain members, books, financial and supplier's record. And in borroing a book I think the window must contain a search box also so that books to be borrowed will be searchable, very useful if there are hundred or thousands of books in the record.

By the way I like the way you did on search query and transaction section.

1 question. If I install vs 2010 is there a chance that my vs 2005 will malfunction or crash?

Scenario: As the code I use above if I input the row ID I can get it's datas/infos to update the other table as stated in the code above but what if I enter an ID which is not existing in the rows of table how will I code an if else for that to display an errror that ther's no record found?

It can be achieved by reading the datas from your database then after store it to a variable.

I have 3 tables in ms access 1 is for book records 2nd is for members and 3rd is for fees and fine. I just want to capture some data from the borrower like his name which is in the members table and update the books table with his name as borrower. Is it possible? and what if i input a wrong id which is not existing how will i display that the record was not found?

Join the 3 tables to get the data you want and if table is empty, just set a message or check first the table before searching if it is filled or not. For joining read this.