gud evening sir/maam , can i ask for a help regarding on how to change the mouse pointer using image in vb.net to look like its a mouse cursor ... i dont have any idea with this stuff cause we havent discuss this yet and i need it by tommorrow for my game presentation .. i tried to search in google but its not working .. pls help me sir/maam just a simple or short code plssssssssssss .... i really dont have any idea with this thing ... thanks -.-

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Don't know if this is what you want, but there are cursors available in Windows. You can use them by putting this line in your Form.load
Me.Cursor = New Cursor("C:\Windows\Cursors\arrow_rl.cur")
Just look them up in that folder, not all of them work out


what about changing the cursor using image sir ?? do you have an idea ??? my purpose is to change my cursor into a hammer for my game .. -.- can you help me ??

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