Lately I have been using the program name to control the program execution. If the name has "random" in it then random. If it has "mix" in it then it plays / displays a mix of text and video - pictures - audio. The 3 program prompts are set based on the name. Great for testing and setting up super simple demo apps.

Just asking?

Not sure what you mean? :)

I check the program name in the code. And change the default to random search if the name has random in it. I.e. if the program name is ver01randommix.exe then no prompts are required. It opens ver01randommix.txt as the input file and does a random selection of LARGE font explaining the video or pic or audio file that follows.

Anyway. I find it very handy; using the program name like that...

Anything that I use my search engine / MultiMedia player for on a regular basis will have the new functionality.

loademailfriends.exe Will automatically find and load those emails that have "emailfriends" in the search line. One at a time. I only have a handful of these that I pass news and jokes on to. I do this 2 or 3 times a week.

Having a shortcut to loademailfriends.exe then the first one pops up with the email address loaded in the clipboard. Alt/Tab to switch to the email program and Ctrl/V to insert the address. What a great feature.

There will be many more of these quickie routines to come.

I have done similar things using the EXE-name to pass things normally stored in an INI or registry. For example an app to move the Form to a specific place on the screen on startup or setting default behaviour of the app base on numbers in the EXE-name.
Good to see others are thinking alike.

Good going.

Very simple to implement and handy. I have been using it to test some recent changes.

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