I would like to see another example of a solution for Deitel's 8th edition 6.20

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I would like to see your solution so I can compare it to mine, for Deitel's C++ 8th edition exercise 6.20 (Multiples)

I was wondering what your post was about. You are looking for alternate answers to question 6.20 in a book... Nice. Good luck with that. This site isn't a homework service. You would probably get some help if you...

1) posted your question in the correct forum category. If the question is related to C++, you shouldnt post it in "Web Development".

2) Be very clear and specific in your question.

3) If its homework or project related, give it a try first, then post a question about a topic that you are having trouble with. I'm not too sure that you'll find anyone here that is interested in doing homework for you.

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