I was doing xaml with vb coding in vb 2010

I create a datagrid and linked itemssource with table adapter, and also I modify a columns to checkbox datagrid columns.

Problem now is I checked the checkbox value in the columns in datagrid but through button check the data grid cell also is null.

Is there wrong?

Purpose to assign a checkbox datagrid columns is loop and insert the data which is checked

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Show us your code...

Friend WithEvents dgvCombo As New DataGridComboBoxColumn
Friend WithEvents newcombobox As New ComboBox

Private Sub datagrid1_AutoGeneratingColumn(sender As System.Object, e As System.Windows.Controls.DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs) Handles datagrid1.AutoGeneratingColumn

If e.PropertyName = "WantSummore" Then

        newcombobox.Items.Add("Absent with letter")
        newcombobox.Items.Add("Absent with no letter")
        dgvCombo.ItemsSource = newcombobox.items

   e.Column = New DataGridComboBoxColumn()
   e.Column = dgvCombo
End If

Is there format the column wrong? Is visible when i click the cell inside, but after selected the combo items. it missing in cell again....

sorry i found that i comment wrong. It is

If e.PropertyName = "Letter" Then
   Dim dgvCheckBox As New DataGridCheckBoxColumn
   e.Column.DisplayIndex = 3
   e.Column = dgvCheckBox
   e.Column.Header = "Absent"
End If

I solve it by myself. using getcellcontent + loop can read which row have benn checked.

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