Hello everyone,

I am learning python from last 6 months, Just few days back i started learning Django. But at the starting only i get stuck.

As you people must know that django bundle have a build in deployment server, i also used that only..

The steps which i perform are :-

1) I created a folder in my home directory. and run the "django-admin.py startproject mysite" command.

2) By doing that a folder mysite has created, then i run the command python manage.py runserver"

3) Above step started the webserver, on port 8000. which i access through the browser and it shows "It worked welcome to first django powered page"

Upto this everything is working fine.

Now, the problem is this is a welcome page and it should only get display when i type, but when i am typing it is displaying that welcome page only without giving any error that this page doesnot exist.

Please respond if you understand the problem.