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I have a "C" test application which gives the test results in the plain text format.
The contents of the test results for each of the test case will be as below.


Test case id : atc-add-001
Test description: addition of numbers
Test result : pass

Failure reason : nothing

Flow of the function sequence



Now need to put the same test results into the localhost or to the webpage using python.
Need to parse the output text file and put these into the webpages under particualr headlines of webpage.
Headlines may be Summary, Function sequence, both

If user clicks on the summary oly the summary details should come, if user clicks on the function sequence then it should the flow of the functions. If user clicks both then summary and function sequence both should come.

Please let me know if there is any mechanism or modules avilable in python, so that i can post the plain text messages into the webpages.

Looking for the results.

Happy coding,

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if you can post or link to a webpage sample before and after the modification that will be best to show how to insert the text exactly.
I can find a way to do that locally in files on your HDD but not remotly on a webserver

by the way, to enable the text to be shown as plain text when click, that depends on the html and css "if used" in the webpage
python script can enable you to automate the operation to insert the result text to the page but how it displayed is depending on the html codes unless you use python script in the page "and that i don't know about"