If you are a non coder that wants the easiest book to start with, something very simple, easy to read and short , that can take you step by step in learning the basics of python in a few hours then you may like the book I have created for Blender. It will teach you all the concepts you need to start coding in python from the first minute, leaving out assumptions of what you know, and information you dont really need.

The book can be found here , though it was created for blender its generic enough to be used for any kind of python coding. In case you don't know what Blender is, Blende is the most powerful open source 3d application that uses python for creating its addons. Python support in Blender is very powerful allowing in python to control almost the entire blender internals and have given birth to a huge amount of blender addons.


Wiki format allows anyone with an account for the blender wiki (its free and takes a minute to create one) to contribute, edit and improve my book. And many people have done so , so far. I hope you find this book useful and easy to follow, if you have any suggestion , question or complain dont hesitate to post it here.

You can also find me and other blenderpython developers in #blenderpython at irc.freenode.net server in case you are familiar with irc clients , for some live chatting for anything conserning blender,python and anything in between.

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That looks like a pretty solid intro to Python from what I read. I wish Blender's site allowed you to download the whole book at once, if it does I can't seem to find it. I'll definitely be adding this to my list of Python resources.

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