Hi all,

We use a .hta vbscript from a fileserver, but after office 2007 has been intalled,
the script does not read/write from/to a .mdb file on that same fileserver.

The script does work (with office 2007), if it is started from a desktop instead of the fileserver.
(reading/writing the same .mdb file on the same fileserver)

On the desktops, in office 2007, the fileserver and directories are added to the "save locations".

Any Idea's on why the script doesn't work anymore when started "on" the fileserver, what can be done to make it work again..?
(going back to office 2003 is not possible)

Kind regards

Is it being run under the same account on the file server as it is on the desktop? Is it using a domain account or a local (machine) account? Perhaps it is just an access rights issue. I'm assuming that you are using an hta staher than a vbs script because you need the GUI provided by hta so that would also mean that the program is not being run unattended.

Thnx Reverend Jim, I kind a gave up the hope for some pointers regarding this question of mine..

  • The domain is the same. (file-server and PC's are all in the same domain.)
  • It's run from the same account
  • Everything is done by the .hta script, no external vbscript.
    The .hta script starts by querying the access DB, Then shows the user a form,
    processing the form involves querying the access DB, creating/showing .xls files.

    It would be a lot easier maintaining the .hta file is you only have to update the version
    on the server.

    I guess that you're right, it prob. is a rights issue with/from access.
    I just don't know "where" or how to fix it.. :(

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