I use it for a program a person made for me but every time I change my settings I have to wait for him to give me a new code. I just want to be able to go in without the hassle of waiting for a new code and can anyone teach me how to do this? Is it easy to decode it?

My current system runs with
ID: EAAAAGCMn6gv4kUREIXjN9wTSyM1AFqKaiXhFLPgmu5qWZRT85/EM0cm9uVnXZ45kGA/eQ==
Code: -4699929615

and I need my other system to run with this ID, but I do not have the code.

ID: EAAAACApNvMPUqJar1P73rCnR1JknGBHgnWUc3OhOUa48deg7+jogbnS/R2LmATPFJD5og==
Code: -

you should talk to the dev who wrote the program for you. Cracking a program is not what this forum is for.