ok here is my problem im writing a program its a simple library system its not a project or homework just exercising my brain i have a access db library.mdb inside App_Data folder selecting records are working great
but when i decided to write a code for inserting a data to my table no compile errors but my table in App_Data is not updated but inside my bin/debug/App_Data/library.mdb <--this db is the one that got updated but my original copy of App_Data/library.mdb is not updated null records to the table reservetransaction my program is creating a copy of my database and saving it to bin/debug folder what i want is to update my original database

here is the link to my whole program the problem is my add cart button you can find it within frmSearch

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Running your project inside Visual Studio in debug mode will not update your original database. This is so you can test things without changing things. Run the release version outside Visual Studio.