Hey folks

I'm using a listview to show an array of images that get taken from a webcam. I want them ordered on the bottom of the screen and be selectable for saving, so I'm using a listbox.

Everything works okay, but when I add items to the listbox and they find the right edge of the listbox, it creates a new row and begins to add the images down there.

Currently I'm using an array of images as my list, and binding that to LargeImageList in the listbox control. Works okay but...

What I'm looking to do is have this listbox only display the images on one row, and increase the size of the listbox (to scroll left/right) so they only get added to the right of the last image.

Any ideas?

I figured it out!

I created a listbox, and:

Listbox1.Alignment = 1

I just tried it randomly, and it worked! Not sure what other numbers might mean?

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