Is it possible to set Environmental variables other than the ones set by default. I am trying to build an application though it keeps on telling me that it needs a file from another directory which doesn't seem to be in the include path. I am using a Mingw compiler with Windows XP.

Is there a specific variable I can use so that it will be included in the search path during the build process.

Thank you..

Perhaps you want to add a path to the system Path? If you're using a Windows machine you can right click on Computer, select Properties, find the Advanced system settings button (which should bring up the System Properties window), select the Environment Variables button, then select "Path"->Edit->and add the path you would like. DO NOT DELETE VALUES ALREADY PRESENT IN THIS VARIABLE!!! I would recommend copying the text and saving it somewhere (it won't damage anything if you mess it up, but it may render some programs inoperable until you fix the modified entry). Make sure a semicolon separates the last entry from your new one and, if your new path contains spaces, enclose the path in quotation marks.

Hi dman... thank you for this. I've already tried that one though. Its really annoying as I've tried several variables such as CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH and others in the environmental variables list and still it won't compile. If I'm compiling something is this where the variable should go or should I put this search directory (include directory) in the Makefile? If so, how do I do that?