im new at c# and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction in order to further my knowledge on this software. in terms of learning what each code means and stuff.

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The way I learned was a class in C#. The assignments and class taught me well. Of course that was the same class the professor docked my on my final project, and had no valid reason (I think I showed him up, my code was more efficent then his ... and when you show up the department head, that's not a good idea).

ddande's post is a good start.

Another suggest. Give yourself a project. I assume you know other languages, if so maybe re-write the program in C# (well at least using the ideas, don't copy/paste).

Or like I have done to teach myself more and more about C#, I constantly write codes to accomplish something (whether it's personal use or for someone else). And then expand my field of comfort to learn new things. If I am not sure how to do something, I Google the idea to see how people have done it in C# (or come to DaniWeb)

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