1. I need to store numerous records in one binary file. Each of the records needs to include a name and an answer to a question. I know how to set up and add one record but how do i set it up so that I can add others at different times. What is the command word??

  2. How do I rename a binary file

  3. How do I open a binary file that has already been created in a different form?

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!!

-1 Open for append.

-2 Rename().

-3 Not sure what you mean.

If you want more specific answers, show your code.

Can you open a binary file for append? I thought that was just text?

3-If I enter information into a binary file in one form and then I want to open the binary file and use its contents in another form

Thanks :)

Have a look in the help for TFileStream.

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