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Hi Guys , I am stuck in finding first 29 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.I already have the code that can display the first 11 Numbers, Here is my code :


        NUM_1  DB 0
        NUM_2  DB 1
        NUM_3  DB ?

       MAIN PROC
                MOV AX,@DATA
                MOV DX,AX
                MOV CX,10
                MOV CH,0

                MOV NUM_1,0
                MOV NUM_2,1

                MOV DL,NUM_1

                OR  DL,30H
                MOV AH,02H
                INT  21H

                MOV DL,NUM_2
                OR DL,30H

                MOV AH,02H
                INT 21H


                        MOV AL,NUM_1
                        ADD AL,NUM_2
                        MOV AH,0
                        MOV BL,AL
                        MOV DL,10
                        DIV DL
                        ADD AX,3030H

                        MOV V1,AL
                        MOV V2,AH

                        MOV DL,V1
                        MOV AH,02H
                        INT 21H

                        MOV DL,V2
                        MOV AH,02H
                        INT 21H

                        MOV AL,NUM_2
                        MOV NUM_1,AL
                        MOV NUM_2,BL
                        LOOP L1

                MOV AX,4C00H
                INT 21H

        MAIN ENDP
       END MAIN

So please help me in order to display the rest until the 29 Number .

Thank you for your efforts in advance .