Hi, Cote here, and I'm very pleased to announce that I've ported ALL my sl4a apps to eclipse apk, it embeds with the python interpreter, no need to install anything but the app off google play!

I have completed:

A) Android Eye (Computer Vision), that takes a picture and tells you what it is (Object Recognition):

B) See Say (OCR) Picture to Speach, for the visually impaired. You can literally have it read a book to you:

C) See Say Translate (ocr that takes a page in any language, as a picture, then reads it back in english:) :

D) Standardized IQ Test (based on the Stanfod-Binet Image/Problem Solving Section:

E) AuraScope, a Chinese horoscope app with the added feature that it calibrates one's Aura (via image white content):

F) Picture Drinks, an implementation of the Object Recognition, specific to your liquor bottle:) :

G) Pocket Translator, a simple translator where you enter a language and get the results in English, good tool for traveling:

I had originally learned python, and build the basics of the app, and was happy to see that sl4a existed, and went into free versions of the apps that required the download of the interpreter separately. After 6 months of non-stop programming (obsession;), I realized that ad support with the free versions wasn't feasible, as I haven't got a handle on integrating AdMob sdk.. plus I realized to charge a premium, having to download the interpreter separately scares most buyers away (even at $0.99!) So I put the time in to incorporate the embedded interpreter. I recommend doing this, though I had to relearn eclipse all over again (I'm not much of a java nut yet), in the end we have a complete product, and I'm sure any python programmer would agree, now with Python, we can do ANYTHING!

Awesome Sauce;)

M. Dave Cote B.Sc., B.A.Sc.

I've not had a look at the app's you've made yet, but I would like to ask you about embedding the interpreter. Is this absolutely necessary when writing standalone Python app's for mobile Android devices? Also, to include the embedded interpreter, are you suggesting a need to know Java?

These are just questions from a novice. :)

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