excuseme :)
sorry I have some problem here, I make a simple paint using vb 6.0
I already can save the image that I load, but something like brush and pencil that I draw in the image can't include :(
after I save and open it, it just the image have been save. The brush and pencil is not there..
can anyone help me please ?
thanks before

FYI, I already try with any code that I find in internet.
i feel so stressed by this project. I find the code by video, article, blog etc.
I try all my best.
Until last week I join this site and post a thread.
And another FYI I already try to search an example like that link you give before post my first thread, and I still confused because they use many module :(
I only find a simple way to save. Only for save, but I think it really complicated.
but anyway, thanks a lot for your advice :)

I saw your note on needing to save a picturebox you are drawing to.

There are two things you need to do

  1. Set AutoRedraw = True ( before you start drawing )
  2. Save the Image property of the Picturebox not the Picture property


                 Picture1.AutoRedraw = True
                 Picture1.Line  ( 0,0) - ( 300,300)
                 SavePicture  Picture1.Image, "C:\temp\junk.bmp"

Note that another option is to replace the standard picturebox with an off-the-shelf commercial drawing component designed for this purpose. This can make it very easy to quickly create a very useful drawing program, or to add drawing features to a larger application.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Jeff

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