I have a Java application i've written, it's a chess client that i've done as a hobby project, and it has a main applicatoin window and all the windows are contained in that. I've had a number of requests from mac users that they'd like to see it converted to a program that uses native mac windowing.

This would mean the menu bar is at the top and all the windows are free floating. Is there a command line compile option to do that? Does it matter that i use JInternFrames? Would i need to convert them to JFrames? Could the same binary jar work for both windows and mac with different window system turned on for mac? Do i need to compile on a mac?

Any help is appreciated.

Macify looks interesting as a packaged solution: http://simplericity.com/2007/10/02/1191336060000.html

or here's a load of info for doing it yourself: http://alvinalexander.com/apple/mac/java-mac-native-look/

... lots of other info is at the end of a very small Google query.

In either case you can use the same jar for both environments, and you can compile it wherever you want (ain't Java great?) You will probably need to convert your frames to JFrames if you want them all free-floating.