i need to draw a 2D graph in C++, so i had downloaded koolplot to draw it. But the condition is- i want to use koolplot under codeblocks IDE not quincy, dev++ or else, so how should i link them??

i tried to link the libkoolplot.a but it still showing linking problems....so what are those proper libraries that should be linked??Please teach me step by step if possible .... i am really newb in programming..

i am using:
mingw compiler
windows OS
codeblocks IDE

no reply....

anyone who had tried before can answer me??? i m really new here...

What steps have you taken?
What errors do you get?

1. Did you #include "koolplot.h" ?
2. Did you link to the library file? (project->build options->linker->add files)
3. Did you install WinBGIm (which is required as is says on the koolplot site)

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