Hey Everybody! I'm totally new to this and ligit just signed up here. This is also my first post. I want to create the card game war as my first project in C#. I have Visual Studio.Net 2010 and am a total noob. plz make instructions simple. thx!

Giving explicit directions to completing a project is not something you're going to get on this forum. If you want some help, show some initiative (and some code) and explain where you are having issues. If you don't know the language, then starting Googling for some C# tutotials.

Do you have an experience in other languages? That might help alot to.

I will say this. You'll want to have a List or Stack or Queue that represents the card deck and to shuffle it you randomly select an index and add into a new List (or queue or what not).

But if you are really new to coding as a whole, maybe you should try for a roll the dice program first instead of War (I know that's a first for a lot of people).

yh i have som experence in other languages. i used game maker language in a program called game maker thats just lik C++. and im starting to use VB.NET 10. i already made a web browser in vb. ill try looking at some tutorials and if anyone knows any good C# tutorials for beginners than plz reply! thx!

@Ange1 and there was me thinking hello world was first :(

with regards to tutorials, I have a sticky post at the top of this forum which you have failed to read stating exactly what your after.

@MikeyIsMe, I forgot "Hello World" comes first. I was think more your first game.

@PRogrammer629, man I haven't used GameMaker in years, hell I completely forgot it. But it seems like you have some experience.

When you want to do card games, a tip that I have not actually tried, but I concept I think would work is to create an array (or List) to represent a stack of cards. Then using another array (or List) you randomly take cards out of the one array and put it in the other. Then treat it like a stack, taking items off the top.

I will say war is easily possible, easier more if you have some experience, but seeing as you do have some coding experience, just work with the concepts you understand