Hi guys, im developing an inventory system. things are doing good until ms access starts to slow down my vb6 project. my records are already exceeding 13k rows.

retrieving and recording are laggy. like 3-15sec waiting.

now. im planning to migrate to mysql. i already have mysql and SQLyog as manager.
my problem now is i want to connect my database from mysql to dataenvironment using file dsn like i did with access. the reason i used dsn because i need my .exe and database to be portable.

right now. my project is running with 3 files
- project.exe
- database.mdb
- .dsn

can anyone please help me. i havent tried using mysql as a database ever. this is my first time with mysql and i really need it badly.

if you guys have any suggestion or know better methods with connecting my project to mysql please reply.