I've installed the boost libraries binary version. How do I link this to my project?
I've put the boost/bin path in my 'Path' environmental varialbe.


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What compiler (or I suspect IDE) are you using?

I'm using Code:Blocks with a MinGW compiler (4.41)

Yes, but this only tells me how to build it and install the result. I have precompiled binaries I'm trying to use in my project but I'm not sure how to get it working.

The binary path is in my 'path' environmental variable, then what?

Yes, but this only tells me how to build it and install the result.

Wrong, read the whole page. Specifically the part under the heading "Include Boost headers and link with Boost libraries" that I kindly but it seems pointlessly jumped to directly with the link.

yep, I've done all that. Still not getting anywhere.

I'll eventually figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Another thing. How long should it take for boost to build if I decided to build it myself? This is what Im doing now and it's been going for almost 3 hours... Still going too.

I've done a complete build, will that prolong things this long.

Anyway, since everyone is probably sick of me asking questions I thought I would add this in. I ended up building Boost on Windows XP using a MingW compiler.
For anyone else buyilding boost, here's what I did.

Using the command line.

cd c:\boost_1_52_0
c:\boost_1_52_0>bootstrap mingw

"A minute later I get a prompt to hit .\b2 to build so I did that" Not sure what this step did but the next step then worked.
"Another minute later"

c:\boost_1_52_0>bjam --toolset=gcc "--prefix=<c:\CodeBlocks>" --build-type=complete

"4 hours later"
It was build.. Couldn't believe it.. Of course the instructions on the code::blocks websited only miss out a few vital steps,, just enough to keep you guessing.
Click Here

Someone else also figured it out. Just found it now. On the link below.
This link is probably a little better explained than mine.

Click Here

I'm going ot forget about using the pre-build binaries for now,, not sure what's missing from the instructions Code::Blocks provided. A few of the directories mentioned on the Code::blocks website aren't even there.

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