I was wondering if anyone had a good implementation of a List of list. The reason is to create rows and columns sort of like a database or spreadsheet format. I would like to insert data into the list and print it in the format of

           Column Column  Column  Column
     Row     1    This    That    3123  

I want to use java and the linked list is just a starting point(open to suggestions).
Thanks for help in advance

Are you talking about something like:
List<List> listOfLists

More like an object list. My best way to explain it would be to say you have a table(relation) for a database so the object table would hold a list of columns and rows.

 P_Id int,
 LastName varchar(255),
 FirstName varchar(255),
 Address varchar(255),
 City varchar(255)

object person with columns Pid Lastname firstname etc... and rows with the values.
note: I only want to use java storage and I'm not linking to a database.

Create a Person class with the listed fields and have a List that contains Person objects.