I have this webpage. It has a wysiwyg html editor. It will create a blog post to my blogs with its contents everytime I hit submit. I hired someone to create this webpage so I cannot edit it. I don't want to mess it up.

I created a program in visual studio. It will go to my page that has a wysiwyg html editor using webbrowser1. I'm using a textbox to store my html. It has tags like <h1>title1</h1> <h2>Title2</h2> <p>paragraph</p> hyperlinks and etc.
Unfortunately, when I insert this html code to the wysiwyg html editor, it is just text. It doesn't convert the codes.
For example, I get <a href="http://www.google.com">google</a> instead of google
Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Most wysiwyg editors that I've seen include an option to view the source code. Perhaps enabling this view then inputting your code, will work.

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