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  • This is a difficult thing to really give any advice on, as everyone has a different 'feel' for their favorite tools. I can only tell you my own impressions, and hope yours may be similar. Of the handful of Python editors and IDEs I have tried, the best I personally … Read More

  • Actually, there is a free version of Qt available from the [Qt Project site](http://qt-project.org/); the commercial version is only if you are intending to write commercial software using the Qt libraries, IIUC. The opern source version *does* lag behind the commercial version by a few revisions, but the differences are … Read More

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    HiHe ... The SharpDevelop IDE uses IronPython to produce executable files. Here is a test ... ''' code executed on SharpDevlop 4.2 IDE Python console solution used: IronPython-2.7.3.msi from: http://ironpython.net/download/ and: SharpDevelop_4.2.2.8818_Setup.msi from: http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/Download/#SharpDevelop4x the IDE was installed after the IronPython27 installation the 'Run compiled exe' produced 2 files in … Read More

  • > People stuck with XP because it was lean and clean, and didn't want to change to Vista because it was slow and clumsy? Is that the kind of issue between Python 2x and Python 3x? No it's not exactly that kind of issue. Python 3 is actually cleaner than … Read More

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    BigPaw ... wxPython is slowly ported to Python3 and is also modernized which takes time, the project is called 'Phoenix'. Look at this example: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/python/threads/191210/python-gui-programming/11#post1892083 Going from XP to Vista was a step back! Going from Python2 to Python3 is a step foreward, much has been streamlined and modernized. For … Read More

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