I have a code::blocks compiler and I try to use gotoxy(17, 13) but I get a link error " undefined reference to gotoxy"
somebody please help me!!

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The easy solution is to not use gotoxy(). It's a Borland holdover from the days of yore where 640K wasn't a laughably small amount of memory. Get with the times and write a real GUI if you need more control than the command prompt provides.

Alternatively, you can search google. Beginners too entrenched in their Turbo C++ ways have asked the same question countless times.


Yes That Would work if I didn't NEED gotoxy, If I didn't need it I would'nt have posted this article.


I doubt you NEED it, you just think you need it. But my alternative answer still stands. I ran that search and the pretty much every hit on page 1 was a viable solution.

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Rather than down vote my post, please explain how those solutions are unsuitable for you. Did you even follow my link?

I guess you really didn't want help after all. Thanks for saving me all of that time. By the way, I deleted your previous duplicate thread of this question because you clearly abandoned it.

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No, Because I don't care if you're an administrator, that doesn's make you different from anybody else, and you're really grinding my gears by deleting my last post
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