i didn't know how to add this functionality. anyone can help me.thanks for sharing.

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What part are you having problems with?
Displaying a button
Adding a listener to the button
Executing the listener's code when the button is pressed
Doing a save in the listener code

you just have to add it to panel or frame from pallet using netbeans..

actually i can display the button. but i cannot make it functional. it should be when i press the button,it will save. but there nothing happen. i'm already create different panel with another button. only SAVE button cannot function.
for the EXIT button already done with it.

Did you add a listener to the button?

what is listener?sorry i'm still new with java. before this i used c++.
so,if i add listener,then the SAVE button will be ok?

so,if i add listener,then the SAVE button will be ok?

by okay, it means that when you'd add a listener you will execute whatever code you've written for the button's function whenever the button is pressed

Check the API and Java tutorials, it'll save you a lot of time

ok...thanks for the information. i will try it. thanks a lot.

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