-->>Hi all...
-->>Here is what makes me be unconfortable here...
-->>I was trying to develop a Progam that will help me creat a folder and make a copy of my passports
-->>I managed to creat a folder but when I try to Copy the files is where I get an Error...
-->>My code is as follows..

Private Sub cmdBackup_Click()
Dim Picture_Files As FileSystemObject

If txtDestination.Text <> "" Then
MkDir (txtDestination.Text & " Pasports")

'An Error Occurs here Saying "OBJECT VARIABLE NOT SET" !!!!!!
Picture_Files.CopyFile GetAppPath() & "Pasports\*", (txtDestination.Text & " Pasports\"), True

MsgBox "Batabase Backup Destination Drive or Folder Required.", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Browse For Backup Destination."
End If

End Sub

-->>Now Can some one please help me out?

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Hi Bile,

You have not initialised your file system object you need to add this line after the declaration. Set Picture_Files = new filesystemobject()


-->>Just as you said srkv03 just a single line then BOOOM...
-->>thanx a loooot...

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