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With BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)/SSIS, I have a process that downloads zipped CSV files. I store the files using the naming convention from the source ie 03260020-eng.csv. In a script task using BIDS, I would like to rename the file to exclude "-eng" but I'm not sure how to go about this. I have an idea to use a Right Trim but am unsure about the syntax. Can someone guide me with this?

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str = Left(str, str.length -4)

Or you could do str = str.Replace("-eng","")

commented: Thanks once again +2

drat - no substr() in VB.Net...

try str.SubString

Thanks to both of you. Either or works for me.

so much syntax, so little brainpower...
Thank you Reverend

Stuugie, please mark thread as solved if you're all set.

Sorry about that! Won't happen again.

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