Hi everyone,

I have many executable files which I developed using java language(netbeans platform),

which all run at the same time 24 hrs,

the problem is that I can't know which one is for which program in the task manager, process tab,

because they all have the name of javaw,

I did a lot of reseach but I did not find a suitable solution,

so can you please advise how to resolve this issue.


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Does the OS have any other ways to tag running programs so you can tell which is which?

I don't think so, do you know how to check that?

No idea.

Have you tried making copies of the javaw.exe file and renaming them?

FYI, the executable file name is not javaw, javaw is the name of the process, but anyways I have tried to do that but still the same process name is coming.

On my Windows 7 system, the path and filename of the executable is:


I copied and renamed the javaw.exe file to a temp folder and executed it with:

C:\Temp\javawxyz.exe Testinsurance

Then looked in the Task Manager and saw javawxyz.exe listed.

I don't think that this way is working on windows vista, because

I tried to rename the file in C:\Windows\System32\javaw.exe, and also

I tried to copy the file to other folders.

It is always showing in the task manger process as javaw.

So any advise, please.

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