Hi everyone,

I have many executable files which I developed using java language(netbeans platform),

which all run at the same time 24 hrs,

the problem is that I can't know which one is for which program in the task manager, process tab,

because they all have the name of javaw,

I did a lot of reseach but I did not find a suitable solution,

so can you please advise how to resolve this issue.


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No idea.

Have you tried making copies of the javaw.exe file and renaming them?

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FYI, the executable file name is not javaw, javaw is the name of the process, but anyways I have tried to do that but still the same process name is coming.


On my Windows 7 system, the path and filename of the executable is:


I copied and renamed the javaw.exe file to a temp folder and executed it with:

C:\Temp\javawxyz.exe Testinsurance

Then looked in the Task Manager and saw javawxyz.exe listed.

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I don't think that this way is working on windows vista, because

I tried to rename the file in C:\Windows\System32\javaw.exe, and also

I tried to copy the file to other folders.

It is always showing in the task manger process as javaw.

So any advise, please.

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