Hey quick question..I have a file..have decoded it..but in order to work out the file contains..I was asked to use brute force..I have entered all the keys (0-255) but not one of them give me a decent outcome..I hope this makes sense..this was done in java..(its for a coursework) I am not expecting anyone to give me a straight answer..but I just want to know what sort of command I would use in the command promt to work this out..as I have tried everything I know..

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Nobody seems to have an answer for you... maybe because the question is not clear enough, and there's no code for anyone to look at? Try asking again with enough detail for people to understand exactly what you are doing and exactly what help you need; someone will help.


The problem is we do not know what the encoding algorithm used in the encryption. Your post implies that you know the algorithm and need only a key value between 0 to 255 in order to decrypt (decode) it. It seems that may be wrong. Anyway, to try to do so, you could code a loop in your program and use the loop index value as the key for each decription loop.

PS: If an encription algorithm uses a key value between 0 to 255 (8 bits), it is a bad encryption. Nowadays, the key could be 128, 256, 512, or even 1024 bits (not decimal). You will need a very fast computer in order to brute force something. That said, it means that you know the algorithm used as well...

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