Hi folks..

I had a problem and looking for the answer..The exact question of mine is this

Sorry that i dint typed the entire question here but i'm afraid that i may not able to explain well if I type that entire thing. But that was my exact question which has not answered there. (I am using windows 7).

Thanks in advance.

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How is this related to Java development?

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How is this related to Java development?

I expected this questin..The thing is that i should do the above task from a java application. I forgot to mention this while i am submitting the question and i thought why again i should edit the post.:)

I want to open a gmail account link in a browser from a java application. Yes i do know about browse() method in Desktop class. The thing is that i can open the gmail website but i need to open directly the specified gmail account while username and password are provided. Any ideas??

Try the java robot api

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