I used a guide from Ticalc.org. ANd the assembler gave me this code, could someone please tell me what's wrong? I have all the requirements that are required for TASM.

Heres the error that MS-DOS had given me.

C:\ASM\TASM>asm hello
==== Now assembling hello.z80 for the TI-83 Plus ====
TASM Z80 Assembler. Version 3.2 September, 2001.
Copyright (C) 2001 Squak Valley Software
tasm: pass 1 complete.
c:\asm\source\hello.z80 line 0006: Label not found: (t2ByteTok)
c:\asm\source\hello.z80 line 0006: Label not found: (tAsmCmp)
c:\asm\source\hello.z80 line 0007: unrecognized instruction. (B_CALL(_CLRLCDFULL))
c:\asm\source\hello.z80 line 0011: unrecognized instruction. (B_CALL(_PUTS))
c:\asm\source\hello.z80 line 0012: unrecognized instruction. (B_CALL(_NEWLINE))
tasm: pass 2 complete.
tasm: Number of errors = 5
==== Errors!!! ====
==== Done ====

Here's the original code of the asm program.

#INCLUDE "ti83plus.inc"
#DEFINE ProgStart $9D95
.ORG ProgStart - 2
.DB t2ByteTok, tAsmCmp
LD HL, 0
LD (PenCol), HL
LD HL, msg
b_call(_PutS) ; Display the text
.DB "Hello world!", 0


Hey dude i recommend you to start HLA more documentation are around ... but if u want to continue with this... i guess wait for an expert...i started HLA ... therefore anyone who done any HLA program can PM me about anything... i am still chapter 2... :(

I'm a newbie with the same problem. Getting the error on the b_call(...) lines. I noticed in the t83plus.inc include file there is a commented out section, see below. Does anyone have any clues?

; Macro to call base code from an app,
;B_CALL macro   label
;	     RST     rBR_CALL
;	     DW      _&label
;       .endm
;B_JUMP macro   label
;	     CALL    BRT_JUMP0	     ; fixed location on page 0
;	     DW      _&label
;       .endm

OK, I got my code to compile in TASM by including the following at the top of the code just below the other #include directive:

#define B_CALL(xxxx) rst 28h \ .dw xxxx

I saw this in other examples and tried it. I don't know what this does yet, but it might help you along.

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