Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has code snippet for a function that is a multi-queue.....this is for python 2.3 or 2.4 I think so it has to be a bit primitive.

The program is simulating people at a store arriving at the checkout, the input from a text file looks like this
and all that is is the customer number, time arrived from start of program, and time taken or needed to be served
it will then print out the mean, median, and max wait times for the user.

1 0 24
2 0 31
3 0 18
4 0 32
5 0 31
6 6 32
7 10 25

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Aghh it is hard for me to make sense of that code. You are a big help man, I don't know if I can rate people yet on here but I will show my appreciation that way.

I tried Google but it is hard to get what I need, I am using lists in side of lists to create the number of servers and queues since the text file read into the program will have a varying number of customers and servers.

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