hi, may i know how to compile visual basic 6.0 file with access 2007. I can link but when i save it in an external device and try to run th exe. in other computer, it could be run, but the connection is lost, i tried to change the location of the access within the codes, but i failed. Can i know the solution? Thanks.

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It seems that you have hard coded the path to the database. ALWAYS install the database in your application folder. Then in your code, use "App.Path" and the database name.

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i tried to change the location of the access within the codes, but i failed.

As mentioned previously, don't hardcode locations of filenames.

Your application should normally store its data in the Application Data folder. Microsoft has given a name to this location for each user: %APPDATA%

So, an accepted practice is to save your data files in this folder using the following format: %APPDATA%\Company Name\MyData.xml

Saving your data in this manner insures that the data will be stored in the same location on different computers--even if the application data folder does not follow the same naming convention with a different operating system: e.g. Windows XP as compared to Windows 8.

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Try using module for your database connection.


Dim dbcon

dbcon = App.Path & "\Database\Main.accdb"

then make sure that you always include your database file with the Folder of your file/s.

If it is inside another folder, then:

    Dim dbcon

    dbcon = App.Path & "\Foldername\Database\Main.accdb"

And for the latest connection strings, please check THIS


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