1. Do virtual PCs have their own virtual processors that is a piece of a hardware? (I know that both ues the same physical processor, but how does a Guest os in a 32 bit virtual machine sees the processor as a 32 bit processor , eventhough it really uses the 64 bit Host Os's physical processor).

..........do vmachines have own registers programmed in to? or does it use the host's registers?
..........what about the RAM usage?how does the Host see the Vmachines' RAM data


maybe you want to read on VMware

we use it on our servers, basicly it splits the physical resources and create virtual machines with the fragmented resources.

now whats the programming behind it, sorry have no idea.

Thanks. Wanted to know specially whether if it uses virtual processor registers or real Host's registers. Help is appreciated ,anyone

The virtual machine would have its own registers simulated to match the simulated platform. Nothing else would make sense given that the host could be running a number of virtual machines.