I am working on a project in C# with Visual studio 10 (on WinXP 32bit with .NET 4.0) and I need to use SQLite.

I am totally confused by the SQLite installation process. This FAQ says that there is no need to install SQLite, but the instructions given here are a little different.

If there is no need to install, then what is setup.exe for?

Also, if FAQ #8 is correct (unzip to "Externals" folder), then what files can I delete from that folder (there are obviously some that can go like all the database samples).

Can anyone out there shed some light on this?


That's an exllenet tutorial, thanks. In all my online searching that one never came up.

I was trying to avoid NuGet because I don't like things that do stuff for me. I'd rather do myself and learn than rely on something that I don't understand.


I know this is answered, but I thought I would mention this (since I use SQLite)

I downloaded my SQLite from here

But not the .exes, but the .zips.

Then I just used the .dlls from the file. You do know how to add references to your project right? Add the reference, then browse for the System.Data.SQLite.dll and add it.

Note: make sure you got the 32-bit, as the 64-bit doesn't backwards compatable.

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