I am working on a project in C# with Visual studio 10 (on WinXP 32bit with .NET 4.0) and I need to use SQLite.

I am totally confused by the SQLite installation process. This FAQ says that there is no need to install SQLite, but the instructions given here are a little different.

If there is no need to install, then what is setup.exe for?

Also, if FAQ #8 is correct (unzip to "Externals" folder), then what files can I delete from that folder (there are obviously some that can go like all the database samples).

Can anyone out there shed some light on this?


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That's an exllenet tutorial, thanks. In all my online searching that one never came up.

I was trying to avoid NuGet because I don't like things that do stuff for me. I'd rather do myself and learn than rely on something that I don't understand.



I know this is answered, but I thought I would mention this (since I use SQLite)

I downloaded my SQLite from here

But not the .exes, but the .zips.

Then I just used the .dlls from the file. You do know how to add references to your project right? Add the reference, then browse for the System.Data.SQLite.dll and add it.

Note: make sure you got the 32-bit, as the 64-bit doesn't backwards compatable.

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