Hello All!! I have an assignement that I am working on and for some reason I cannot for the life of me recall how to do something so simple lol.

The directions are too "Write a function named Exam, which takes one argument n where n>2. Your function creates a list (list1) of n random integers in range (1,5) and print all elements of list1 on one line.

So far what I have is :

def Exam(n):
    import random

I am not sure where to insert the n>2 and even really what it means. If anyone can assist or give hint. It would be appreciated!!


Add on!! Okay now I have this code:

def Test(n):
    import random
    if n>2:
        for i in range (n):

Does this seem on the right path?

All you got to do now is to print the list

print list1

or if you want just the numbers on the same line

for i in list1:
    print i,

Here, I took the liberty of re-writing this function, with some validations:

import random
def Exam(n):
        if (n<2):
            print "Invalid argument."
        for i in range (n-1):
            l.append(random.randrange(1, 5))
        print "List: ", l, "\nElements: "
        for i in l:
            print i,
    except ValueError:
        print "It's not a number."
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