Hello everybody!!!

I'm desperead and i want your help!!!!!

I have an excersice which say's:

Built a class for dates using private data.the attributes must be controlled for validness.Implement methods for print and a method which returns the difference between 2 dates.Also make a method that calculates the day of the week for the specified date.Make a method that calculates if a leap year.Make methods that calculate the distance for a date from the beginning of the year and the distance from a date to the end of the year.

it's an emergency!!!!!!!

thanx a lot anyway

seems his keyboard is stuck...

well the problem is with the libraries.our teacher hasn't tought us how we can use them, so i find it difficult to solve the problem.i don't want complicated solutions.just something simple if it's possible.the others in my class have much more easier programmes.


peter thanx a lot. the address solved all my problems

thanx again