Hello guys,

I have been working for a long time a project in vb.net using a database which is in SQL Server 2000.I am currently trying to upload an image!The file i want to upload is not type image but nvarchar.I have made save it inthe database as ID of the record and the xtension of the image: ie.( 7.jpg).Now the file which is upload save it locally in my pc to the path: c:/inetpub/wwwroot/Gigo/Data.

I want the filename take the same name as the name of the image field in the database ie: I want to save it as 45.jpg

( I have been create an insert form and already have create a sp which works great)

So,I want when i Click the insert button to save it to the database and locally with th same name ie:45.jpg

Can anybody helps me????


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I am doing Face reconition project in vb.net ... so my first module is uploading images and need to store in sql, that images i should retrive in vb.net. so, pl tel me the procedure and coding in vb.net2005

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