I am doing image segmentation using region growing algorithm.
I have created Region and Pixel class where each region has list of pixels.

public class Region {
    private List<Pixel> pixelList;

Pixel class has fields like r,g,b, hue,saturation, brightness of individual pixel in image.
The result of segmentation is list of regions.

List<Region> segment(){..}

I want to find one region object or sublist of region objects which is "Region of interest".
Please advice me about finding this. Is there any algorithm for this? Please help.

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Image processing is a VERY specialized field. Read some of the literature on the subject, including papers from from the SIGGRAPH group of the ACM. I don't doubt there are people who lurk on these forums who are knowlegable in the field, but there can't be many... :-)

Thank you for suggestion :) I will read some literature on this.

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