Okay so I have a final project due, and it's not really a beast, but I've begun to wonder if I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do, so I'm going to outline the assignment and give an overview of what I have. I was hoping I could get a couple of opinions on it. Just a general "Seems right" or something to that effect if I am right.

Our assignment is to create a simple application that properly uses the following elements, and supplies a user manual for the program.

1 - The application must be a mulitform GUI (graphical user interface) that requires input from the user
2 - The application must have the ability to save the user input to a text file
3 - The application must have the ability to read information saved in the text file and display it on the GUI
4 - The application must consist of at least 3 student created classes
5 - The objects created can be populated from the user or from the data file.
6 - Each class must consist of at least 4 methods and 4 variables
7 - Each variable must have a getter and a setter
8 - The application must properly use at least 1 loop
9 - The application must properly use inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction

I decided to make some "simple" banking software. I know it's Multi-form, and the input can be entered manually or read in from a file. 1-3 and 5-8 I know I'm good on. Number 4 and 9 are where I'm kind of unsure.

Here's how I have it laid out. The base class will just be an account. This will have your name, address, account number, and a variable for the number of accounts you have, and the balance (an abstract version for the base) The next class will be either your free checking or premium checking account (inherited from the base class, if I'm not mistaken). The third class will be a credit or loan account (Polymorphism right? Taking the base class and having it be able to be either, or both? These are the last concepts in C# that I'm struggling with. I hope I don't have to start all over, with it due tomorrow. I have quite a bit of it fleshed out.


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Perhaps a quick refresher read will help you gel your thought process. It has pretty pictures (I like pictures). :)


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Thank you, I was scared I wasn't on the right track, but I am. Now to finish this out tonight. I really only have a little more GUI work and some other oddballs to wrap up. You're a life saver. Once agin lol.

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