hi all...
,,,,,are there people here know how to make a program using vb that make memory partition
..fix partition first fit allocation, and
dynamic partition best-fit allocation.
.... the program will have 5 different inputs, in "fpfa" there are 5 memory space like 10kb,15kb,5kb,15kb and 30kb,,,,,, if my first input in juan(4kb) it will go to 10 kb coz its 1st fit,,,,and next input is mxmas25(7kb) it will go to 15 kb coz it fits and next is plsheLp911(10kb) will be at 15kb where it fits and not in 5kb coz its not fit and so on......so its like input and store,,,,,,
....and in "dpbf" it has same memory space and.it has a same process bit must be in best fit like in first input is haha(4kb) it will be store in 5kb where it is best fitted...
....... the form has button and textboxes,,,
,,,,,hope someone can help,,,,,thank u and GOdbless u,,,happy holidays,,, 8) in the heart of christmas.lolz...

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