I have started using emu8086 and since I’m new to this I got stuck with my project that I have to submit till Friday :(((

I need to make a program in assembly that counts how many words in a given sentence are palindromes:
For example:
Dad loves mom (in data segment)
And the output should be 2 :)
Can u help me?

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I know how to make a program that checks if one word is palindrome and that’s it :/
In my case I know that every time there is an empty space I should move (jump) to check if that word is palindrome or not … and there should be a counter ( register ) that will count if the word is palindrome or not. The main problem is I don’t know how to CODE it! :/



You've had two whole days to work on this program, what have you come up with? Daniweb has a homework rule that states you must provide some proof of effort. If you've just been sitting on your butt waiting for a kind soul to give you everything then you deserve a failing grade.

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Just needed a little help/hints to start not the whole code -.-
I finished it last night btw
Thank you anyways

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Kudos for not being a helpless leech. ;)
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